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Due to the high incidence of sexually explicit spam hitting low traffic comms lately, I'm putting the comm on moderated posting for the time being as a precautionary measure.

And so this post isn't entirely a downer, I thought I'd share an interesting link to an article on creating more advanced versions of the Bechdel Test to cover different issues. Levels of Bechdel by [personal profile] kaigou, I'd suggest that hir tag 'disquiet on the gender front' may be relevant to some of your interests.

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Probably Relevant to your Interests

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There's a Bechdel Test comment-a-thon happening over here, there's tons of prompts sitting around looking lonely (and a bunch of responses just crying out for comments) already but as I only found out about it by chance I thought some of you might have missed it too. Cross-posting your comment stories from the 'thon' to this comm is highly encouraged!
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Ficlet: Unknown Tetra-Pedal Life Form

Title: Unknown Tetra-Pedal Life Form
Author: lefaym
Beta: Thanks to lionessvalenti
Fandom: Torchwood
Character(s): Tosh, Suzie. (Bechdel test, baby!)
Summary: Tosh has barely been at Torchwood for a month, and the alien scanners pick up on an unknown life form.
Rating: PG for a naughty word.
Disclaimer: RTD and the BBC own them, I'm not making any money, etc.
Spoilers/Warnings: None.
Word Count: Approx 550 words.

( Unknown Tetra-Pedal Life Form )

Claims Post

Here be the place to stake your claim on your fandom of choice. As stated in the previous post claims should be for individual series/seasons/books, rather than entire fandoms.

Those taking part in the the fandom claiming can also take part in the challenges or not as they prefer. If you'd rather just work your way through the episodes/chapters of your chosen fandom writing fic on your own timetable that's fine, if you prefer to just claim your fandom and write all the challenges for that fandom, that's good too. (If you want to do the episode by episode for your claimed fandom and respond to the challenges with a different fandom to give yourself a bit of variety that's good too) I'd like to keep things fairly flexible and they will stay that way unless we have any drama.


Being Human (Series One) - glinda_penguin
Torchwood (Series One) - lefaym

By the power of polls...

By the power of polls, things of an organisational nature have been decided. The consensus was that there should be a mix a mix of claims and challenges, that challenges should be on a quarterly/seasonal basis and that claims should be for individual series/seasons/books.

So being that it is now June, it seemed an auspicious time to put up our first challenge.

Summer 09 Challenge

Summer Nights

Your challenge, should you choose to accept it, is to write bechdel passing fic on the theme, for whichever fandom you choose. There's no set length for the stories, drabbles, ficlets, epic tales, all are welcome. Fandoms can be big popular ones, or tiny obscure ones - additionally you don't have to have claimed the fandom to write it (see next post) and if you've claimed a fandom your response to the quarterly challenges don't have to be in that fandom. Though obviously if that doesn't work out we'll review that when this challenge finishes in September. You can respond as many or as few times as you like (though if you write 10 drabbles on one topic I would ask that you gather them together in one or two posts for tidiness).

*insert imaginative title here*

As promised a poll to get things rolling a poll to see how people want to do this.

Poll #1399708 Set Up Poll
This poll is closed.

Challenges or Claims

A mix of both

If Challenges, how often?

Event/Idea Based

If Claims do you want to claim

Entire Fandoms
Individual Seasons/Series/Books
Something else which I'll explain in comments


Behold the masterlist! (not yet quite of doom) I'll update it as fics are posted, because I organize by lists. I'm mirroring all the admin posts to the dreamwidth version, individuals are welcome to cross-post or not as they so choose, but stories from both will end up in both masterlists (if crossposted I'll mark links separately so if you'd rather one or the other is used - say you're only enabling comments on one - let me know. Same with usernames.) so tell me if you don't want any fic you posted here added to this post.

There'll be a poll soon to gauge opinions on challenges and the like, but in the meantime please feel free to post any fic or meta on the subject as and when.

Newsflash: Women Are Interesting by gabrielleabelle
Why is the bechdel test still a revolutionary demand? by [info]wychwood
Levels of Bechdel by [personal profile] kaigou

Big Bang Theory

The Bechdel Test by dashakay

Stargate: SG1
Season One
Sisters in Arms by dsudis (Children of the Gods)
Common Language by dsudis (Children of the Gods) - This now has a sequel Tell (post-Children of the Gods/post-Secrets)
Differences by dsudis (The Enemy Within)
Uncommon Threads by dsudis (Emancipation)
First Principles by dsudis (The First Commandment)
Incoming by dsudis (Cold Lazarus)

Star Trek: Reboot

Raise More Hell And Fewer Dahlias by chatletian


Unknown Tetra-Pedal Life Form by lefaym

Season One & Two
9 out of 10 by used_songs

Intro Post and Admin

Welcome to passingbechdel. This community is intended as a challenge to get people to create fic that redresses the balance, whether the imbalance relates to gender or ethnicity. The basic premise being: you know that awesome book/tv show/film that you adore? Here's your chance to make it that bit more awesome. Meta on the subject and posts recommending shows/books/movies etc which pass are also welcome. I'm intending to compile a masterlist of stories and have challenges and the like so comment here with your suggestions and questions.

Starting the Meta

Doctor Who and the Bechdel Test by lefaym from last summer, which covers all of New School Who shown up to that point (but for the record the two specials shown since fail too).

The Stat Tables of Doom
Torchwood by beccaelizabeth covers numbers of women, people of colour and divisions of the dead.
Stargate SG1 by dsudis covers women, people of colour and whether episodes pass or fail the Bechdel test on either front.
Merlin by such_heights covers, women (and whether it passes the Bechdel Test), people of colour and divisions of the dead.