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Passing Bechdel

Making Excellent Shows That Bit More Awesome

Passing The Bechdel Test
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"I only go to see a movie if it satisfies three basic requirements

1. It has to have at least two women in it, who
2. talk to each other, about
3. something besides a man." - Dykes to Watch Out For - Alison Bechdel (c.1985)

Or more accurately the Wallace/Bechdel Rule.

So a while back some incredibly patient/obsessed/curious/awesome (delete as appropriate) people thought about whether the shows they loved and fandomed would pass the Bechdel Test and made some tables of stats to demonstrate how they passed or failed. Some other people wrote fics to attempt to redress the balance.

This therefore is a challenge community to do just that. To take books, films, episodes of shows you love, which fail the test and write fic to redress the balance. (The rule can also be altered to apply to characters of colour and, while the primary focus of the comm is on women, fic redressing that imbalance is very welcome - especially if it involves women of colour)

Reviews of Films based on whether they pass or fail the test can be found here.

The list of fandoms below is by no means exclusive, more what I could come up with from a quick look at my book shelves, once more stuff has been posted I'll just add to the interests until I run out of them.